Qur'an & Tajweed Class

New Qur'an & Tajweed Class by Imam Yahia every Monday after Isha Salah starting on 25th February 2013 at Jamme Masjid, Alexandra Road. The class is free and open to all ages and abilities. Please Download the brochure.

There is also a weekly English talk and Hadith narration from Riyadh as-Saaliheen (رياض الصالحين), translated: "The Gardens of the Righteous", a compilation of verses from the Qur'an and hadith by Imam Nawawi every Friday after Isha Salah at Jamme Masjid, Alexandra Road.


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          Childrens Classes

        The mosques offer weekday after school Arabic classes for young children to learn and recite the Holy Quran. The classes are separate for Boys and girls who are taught Ahsanul Qawaid, Quran and Islamic Studies.
The classes run between 4:00pm and 8:00pm
Quran hafiz classes are available. Contact Imam Yasir for further details.
The Mosque also holds regular key events inviting leading scholars to give talks on topical subjects with an Islamic perspective.



        Funeral Services

        Funeral rites for a Muslim must be observed according to religious guidelines. Jamme Mosque can arrange for the collection of the deceased from the hospital or mortuary, washing & storage and make arrangements for the funeral prayer and the burial.

For further detail contact the Mosque (0118 9261565) or Mr Arif Kayani (0787 7670765) who is Jamme Mosque’s representative on the Reading Muslim Burial Group. Out of hours burial (i.e. Saturday, Sunday and Bank holidays) arrangements have been agreed and are now in operation within Reading Borough.


  Marriage Services

Contact Jamme Mosque to obtain a nikah application form and arrange the date and time for nikah.
The form must be returned at least three days before the day of the nikah.
Proof of identity in the form of an original passport must be produced for examination with the completed nikah application form. We will retain a copy for our records. Read More.