Prayer Times 2022

Please download a free copy of the Prayer timetables here. Daily prayer times are available on the home page.

Mosque donations

Please note and adhere to the following rules of the Masjids for the safety of our community:

✅ No iftaar will be provided at the Masjid

✅ Bring your own dates and water to open your fast (no other food)

✅ Masjid will close shortly after Maghrib and reopen at Isha adhan

✅ Full Taraweeh prayers will take place

✅ We are unable to accommodate sisters and children under 10 for Taraweeh

✅ There will be no Wudu facilities.  Please do your wudu before attending the Masjid.

✅ Please bring your own water for Taraweeh. We encourage the use of re-useable bottles to avoid plastic waste. Please do not leave empty plastic bottles at the Masjid

✅Anyone unwell or showing any COVID-19 related symptoms should not attend the Masjid

✅Travellers from abroad should not attend the Masjid until they have completed the designated quarantine period

✅Please bring your own mask or face covering – to be worn at all times when in the Masjid

✅Please bring a plastic shoe bag.  Please place your shoes in your shoe bag and take these with you into the prayer hall and place these either side of you

✅Please bring your own prayer mat

✅Please use hand sanitizers provided on entering and exiting the Masjids

✅Social distancing and one-way system must be observed at all times

✅Please do not congregate outside or inside the Masjids other than for congregational prayer at the allocated time and in the designated prayer spaces

✅ Please leave the Masjid quietly at the end of Taraweeh prayers

✅*Aisha Masjid only*: Limited car parking available – please follow the instructions of the brothers who are directing the parking

✅ For Jummah prayers, we encourage those that can attend the second prayer at 2.15pm to do so – this will help manage numbers at the first Jummah prayer

✅Masjid will close when at designated capacity

✅Consistent failure to adhere to these rules may result in you being asked not to attend the Masjids for the safety of other attendees

✅If you feel unwell whilst at the Masjid, please immediately speak to one of our staff

✅Please respect our staff – they are all volunteers working for your safety

✅We are in close contact with the local council and other local organisations for information and best practice

We would like to thank the community for supporting your Masjids and all the volunteers during this difficult time for everyone. We pray that you will continue to support and cooperate with us to ensure that our Masjids are safe and peaceful Places of Worship.

We pray to Allah SWT that He brings ease to the current situation and we can return to normal. Ameen🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼

Jazakhumullah khairan

Trustees & Management of Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre, Reading and Jamme Masjid, Alexandra Rd, Reading