Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre, Reading; and Jamme Masjid Alexandra Rd, Reading are closed until further notice.

We will update the community with all the latest news and developments around the COVID-19 pandemic. We strongly advise everyone to follow the Government guidelines on social distancing and staying at home unless you have to travel for essential shopping and daily regular exercise. This will help the NHS who are working extremely hard to save lives.

Coronavirus: Covid-19 Official Announcement

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

With immediate effect, all congregational prayers, including Jummah prayers, at Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre, Reading and Jamme Masjid Alexandra Rd, Reading are suspended until further notice.

Prayers & Support

This is a time of introspection, remembrance and calling upon our Creator. We kindly request you all to fervently call upon Allah to alleviate our troubles, remove all sicknesses, allow us to take heed of the many lessons of tribulation and bring us closer to Him.

This decision was not taken lightly and has been based on the Islamic Principle that “Aversion of harm takes priority over acquisition of benefit”.

“And place your trust in Allah. Allah is enough as a guardian.” [33:3]

“and I entrust my affair to Allah. Indeed, Allah is Ever Watchful of His slaves.” [40:44]